I want a stuffed cat and it shall be my friend.

Life is so busy these days it’s hard to find time to blog. So this is a collection of thoughts from last couple of weeks or so. It is a bit of a ramble but captures a bit of family life  :
Step daughter is currently counting days to dance camp. She will be turning up this weekend and we shall be plotting girly things like what shall we be wearing for the fancy dress etc. Large boy has returned from China and isn’t showing any leanings towards work or any meaningful activity. It is amazing how such a clever boy has got there.
Smallish boy has a new idea. He says Mum as you are allergic to cats I was thinking I want a stuffed cat and it shall be my friend. If I have a stuffed cat, says smallish boy with twinkle in his eye I shall call her Susan and she will be my friend. He promptly goes with large boy to look up stuffed animals for sale on eBay and the like and announces that he may have a beaver instead to which large boy snorts in Carry On like manner.
I didn’t much fancy any taxidermy in the house and made my protest loud and clear. I think were safe he’s gone off the idea.
Today smallish boy is painting Pikachu with water colours. He is sorting of dripping blood at the mouth in distinctly artistic manner. Last week as we cut the hedge down he made a walking stick and carved the bark off a trunk.
This is smallish boy’s normal life. When he was younger I was so worried by the time he got to being a teen he would have lost his creativity and his wonderful way of seeing the world. Thank goodness he still wants a Susan the cat with a twinkle in his eye! The thing about smallish boy is he has a wonderful sense of self that is not to be crushed. He really has been and continues to be his own man.

Big boy meanwhile is in his bedroom doing something “game like” on this enormous computer he has built. It is the size of a large suitcase and drains our entire internet. Our internet according to all the kids is rubbish. When I say good night love you to big boy later I go in his room affronted that he hasn’t said “Love you too”. There I stand in my “not for public dressing gown” with big boy pointing to the dozen or so faces at the bottom of the computer screen. His sighs “I am gaming Mum, this is my Mum everyone” and so I wave to several boys waving back at me and  they say Hi Cal’s Mum!

Almost teen stepdaughter comes for the weekend. She is all hairdos and new shoes cropped tops and jeans. Her Dad is struggling to see where his little girl has gone. She wanders around the house with iPhone and headphones and constant girl chats. It is as if several invisible almost teen girls have arrived.

All of the above has happened in the last week or so. It’s the ebb and flow of our family life which has been punctuated by older siblings visiting with lively grandchildren and crying babies. Anyway all of this is part of our family life and I love the memories we create, our quirky waysand home full of laughter. Sometimes I am so busy holding work life food on table cleaning and trying to dance drum and have a bit of grown up time I forget to stop and smile at my family life.

This past week or so almost teen girl has sulked, big boy has sworn, not got up and broken front door, and smallish boy’s room is state and he needed to be told on several occasions to shower! I’ve packed the boys off to their Grans. Cluttering up the house here with their inactivity I put them on the train. Biggest drama was sorting out some internet connection! So I am sitting in a quiet empty house. Ahhhhhh time to self I think. But you know what? I would rather they were all here home all playing their part in our great big quirky blended family. Don’t get me wrong, five minutes back and I will be reaching for the wine!