Moving with so many shoes!

The last time I blogged seems a lifetime ago. In reality it is. I feel like I have left my old life to embark on this new one. Sitting in the garden, lovely man preparing barbecue it seems idyllic but gosh was it a rocky road to get here.

If anyone says to me in the future what is your worst trait? I shall answer simply- I think I am wonder woman with super human powers. In the last month for some daft reason I decided to move house with no removal men and no help. Thank goodness for one special friend who had the good sense to just come around, pack and clean and teen boys who just pushed lifted and moved whilst lovely man orchestrated said move.

For me it pushed me physical to my edge of tiredness but what I wholly underestimated was how emotional I would be. I love my new home, my lovely man and my new life with all my heart but oh finishing my old life was so very hard. At one point I finally caved in stopped and booed my eyes out. I felt so much better afterwards and here I now am. But it is done now and this week I am mostly calm!

I have been so worried about the boys moving and how they would cope. They funnily enough have binned out their past and happily settled into their new spaces. I suppose as teen boys they are very much in “themselves” and very able to ensure their needs are met. As long as these are met which I suspect is food, mummy love and computer/ internet connection, a bed and for large boy cider they are happy.

As grownups lovely man and I take longer to adjust. I come with suitcases and boxes of stuff. He is a minimalist. I keep fabric and paint, scarves for whooshing, and naturally have a wardrobe dedicated to fancy frocks and dressing up and all things belly dance. There was indeed a low moment of a “suitcase too far” of stuff. Naturally I think I have seriously compromised by giving away vintage dresses and donating at least 20 pairs to charity. Lovely man doesn’t understand the notion of twenty pairs of shoes for different time and places and the need for fripperies. ( This includes a headdress of flowers, morrocan lamps, sparkly scarves and a tiara- what is not to like?) .

Of course there is neither place for shoes nor no place for throws and cushions yet they have arrived. My lovely man will take time to share his home with eclectic creative me who has so many pieces of memories. He likes uncluttered space. I like lovely memories and colour.

The other mad bonkers moment in all of this is how fond one can become over a saucepan or fork!

Utter madness! But you know what? The kids really don’t care. We now have a girl in the mix too. She laughs as can see dad is struggling with the colourful take over. She is happy with her own space and company when she wants it. She knows that when we calm down we will all be fine.

What lovely man really needs is his shed. He needs his own bit of calm man space. We bought him one the other week. Only problem is it is currently filled with boxes of my stuff. I dare not go look. It is full of art materials, mad art work from the past and dusty weird nik naks! So for now I will not touch and am contemplating rather than a fence perhaps a row of sheds?

All kids want is the love and to know they are safe. Lovely man and I can do that x


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