A quick working working Mum’s note!

Allowing me to have a career again is a whole new life experience.

If I go back in time in my twenties I was a fast track go getty talented social worker. I managed to get my training paid for by the council I worked for and managed to secure a place at The LSE which at the time was a top university to study social work and social policy.

A working class girl at the LSE was a bit of a struggle. Coming from a polytechnic and a fine arts background I was out of my depth amongst the red brick university gang with their public school backgrounds and firsts in social policy! To be honest I didn’t really understand the language folk spoke but I struggled on and with a few blips and some excellent tutoring I learnt how to speak and write and get my Masters.

So quickly with knowledge skills and experience I whizzed up the management ladder eventually passionately training and teaching in social care. This resulted in me developing my own business where I was successfully writing policy and delivering training. Then my husband left and up my career went in a big puff of smoke! Well in being a single Mum and childcare really!

I have not regretted one single moment that I have given to my children. I have somehow juggled using my brain and intellect at work part time whilst sorting laundry, small boy’s antics and large boys maths sums in between rolling up at work with some semblance of professionalism.

A number of things have shifted recently. Having my lovely man in my life to walk beside hold my hand and share some of the day to day stuff makes a trouble halved indeed. The idea of moving in brings so many exciting possibilities. Not because of good stuff although that in itself is exciting like spending lots of time together. But also sharing of life’s chores means for both of us life becomes less of a struggle. Some of you may not get this but when you are on your own keeping house the “to do” list is for you only as is stretching the bills on one small wage. These days the wage became too small and the bills too big. We are excited that we might just be able to do stuff like normal folks like do like go for a beer or a meal out.

The other biggy is the worrying head stuff. Small boy took a mixed cocktail of Ribena vodka and vitamin drink to school this week (he though vitamin drink was brandy). Yes I can see funny side but also the anxiety and worry is now shared. Having someone to talk it over with makes this better.

So yes I am changing everything but I can’t do my new full time job without the move into my lovely man’s house.

So here I am in in my new job. I am typing this with a spare twenty minutes before a morning off to go look at new school and take small boy to dentist. Time is tight and I am tired. But I have had a fortnight of interesting challenging and darn right tricky things to consider. My diary fills up and I am not sure what to do next. But I am doing it and I have realised that I do indeed have a brain a view and something to say.