Pink nasty knickers and life’s challenges !

Grab and seize the moment to laugh and see the funny side of things in yourself and in life.

What a lovely conversation to be having on the radio – striving in directions that are up lifting and positive. As I drink my coffee and ponder this I realise this is what I attempt to do. Life does indeed chuck its challenges at me but I strive for the positive.

It is however tricky. I have a couple of friends who are being really challenged with life crap right now and it has taken me back in time to the “pink knickers”. Nearly eleven years ago I was diagnosed with a weird nasty cancer in my colon. I say weird as it was not the normal sort of nastiness growing there and for a week in time according to doctors and nurses it was highly likely I was dying. This time is hazy in my head but I hold close particular moments from this time; touching my toddlers soft neck, stroking my small boy’s head, my lovely friend Gill (now passed on) squeezing my hand and being surrounded by the love of family and friends.

So following a CT scan being in scary places I went into free fall for a week before being summoned to the consultants office to be told I was not dead.

I remember the curtains. Those 1980s patterned curtains. I was scooped up by nurses told to take my jeans and pants down and lie on the couch. I attempted a “But the doctor will not see anything…” to no avail it was strip off and get on the couch for Dr God! Dr God was coming and I needed to obey.

Dr God waltzes in with the nurse hand maiden by his side.  So I was told that I had a tumour in my colon that could be removed and that I was probably not dying by Dr God with my knickers around my ankles. Pink nasty nylon tarty cheap knickers. I had lost so much weight pink nasty tarty pants were the only ones that fitted!  I am still sitting here laughing now I as do remember him leaning over me to show me a photo of my tumour!!! Pink knickers bizarreness!

So Pink knickers for me is now my barometer for life crap. When faced with life’s challenges my thought is always “Is this as bad as a pink knickers moment?” Invariably it is not. A deep breath and visualisation of pink nasty nylon I realise I can cope.  Now I need to clarify here. There are many things in life that do not make me laugh. Pink knickers challenges make me cry, angry sad and distressed. But it is indeed working out what is real and worthy of time and an emotional response.

I shall be using fb later to spread my blogging word. Recently I posted a positive moment about my son and being a Mum. A friend of Mum expressed how nice it was to read something positive. She observed how often folk just moan and grumble about life’s day to day problems.

So much of life is day to day stumblings and grumblings. Keeping chirpy is tricky. Many of us hate our jobs and are resentful of the constant need to earn cash to pay bills, do chores etc. For me the biggest challenge is the mundane-ness of it all. Did I really survive the pink knickers moment to write another boring document that no one will read? The truth is that I didn’t. I did however survive to stroke my  smallish boys neck as he walks by, stand on tippy toes to ruffle my large boy’s hair , have happy memories of my friend Jill and some of the wise gifts she gave me  and feel the love of family and friends. And laugh, dance and love.

So as I sit here thinking about friends experiencing pink knickers moments I reflect that those pink knickers are a gift. If one can survive the pink nylon and overcome such nastiness life will always be a search for the funny bits thereafter!   

So I am off now as I have a daft dance to practice for a sixties birthday party than involves feather boas, fancy shoes, dressing up and red lipstick x 


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