Summer pocket full of memories

I have not written anything for ages . My excuse being it has been summer. Well as I am sitting here avoiding the rain it now feels like autumn. I have a summer full of memories so my  ponderings today  are about attempting  to capture the best bits of summer and a sort of count my blessings sort of list . But more than just a list I am attempting some reflection on why and what was good.

 Those folk that know me well , or folk who read between the lines may gather I am not overly keen on the job that I do to pay the bills. So this year I paid for an extra week off. Indeed this summer I have taken a rather life is for living approach to financial resources to which I suspect in coming months I will suffer the consequences! But heh ho back to the good bits. So in no particular order:

 DANCE CAMP . This is an amazing community that meets in a field for ten days to share dance , creativity , laughter and fun for ten days. We went last year for the first time as I taught there and this year we returned with my partner’s daughter and my smallest son. My personal highlights was helping to clean and paint the compost loos and clowning workshops as well as celebrating Eid, drinking Chai  laughing and hanging out with lovely people. Oh and some dancing too including bonkers Boba Koram and burlesque!  But my ultimate favourite bit was seeing my son get so much out of it and the learning journey my partner’s daughter experienced.  Bringing up kids is sometimes about creating memories for them to look back on as grownups and this summer dance camp gave them this .

My son is one of life’s quirky souls and I was anticipating him sitting in his tent for the week! I watched him carry around and play a ukulele, make friendships and tear around the field with a big grin on his face. I loved seeing him confidently having his own conversations and sitting and drawing and just being the lovely little man he is.

 I am also thankful that he had this opportunity to meet so many wonderful grownups this summer who were able to share their wisdom and kindness with him.    

CAMPERVAN.  Our camper is a converted transit . I love the fact it is our joint project with H and me. It is our little creation and I suppose when I sleep there it is our home on wheels. This year I had a great birthday weekend in it and I love hanging out with my man in our van.

 HANGING OUT WITH MY MUM. My mum is not super woman but she is indeed a lovely Mum. I like being with Mum and spending time with her. She came and stayed for her usual two weeks but I want to note a nice day out. We visited Minerva Arts centre in Llanidloes on a lovely sunny day. Together we shared the joy of a quilting exhibition.  Mum sharing her knowledge and skill of textiles with me and both of us commenting on and enjoying the creative talents. We also drank tea, ate cake and put the world to rights. My mum might be 83 with parkinsons and grumpier with pain these days but she still is one of the wisest women I know and continues to shower unconditional love on my boys and me.

 BEING PROUD OF BIG BOY. Parenting and education has its challenges! My parenting style is encourage, cajole and sometimes shout  a bit to get the work done. I suppose what I do share though is passion for learning about the world and a love of reading and books. Big boy got 3 A grades for AS exams. He worked hard and I am so pleased he got the results he deserved. A lovely memory this summer is taking him out for dinner with old friends Mother and daughter. These were our first new friends arriving in Shropshire. It was lovely to hang out with a close friend with our children who have now become lovely young adults with hopes dreams and aspirations.    

 SEA SUN AND LOVELY MAN.  Our week in the sun away from day to day hoo haa and kids. We did an all inclusive holiday  so I loved no chores at all! We walked, explored, swam in the sea, people watched and talked and held hands and laughed. This week reaffirmed to me all the things I love about my relationship with my lovely man.

 SKETCHBOOK. I have started one and have begun to draw doodle and create a bit. I have enjoyed dipping in and out of it this summer. Indeed it has made me realised how much I like good old fashioned drawing!

 In conclusion I reckon I had a pretty good summer. I wanted to note this summer as my life feels like a transition time as life starts to move in different directions. I did think too much about this list and reading back now there are some clear themes.

Firstly how little work defines me. When I think about my life work is firmly boxed off in a different place. As I type I visualise a white picket fence all the way around it and it being shoved right in the corner! 

Secondly how important family life is to me. I would not categorise my self as a particular Mummy mum! As I am always out and about I do not define myself as being just a parent nor that good at parenting as I am not overly selfless and do good enough parenting! But as a single Mum this year I think I have noted some real rewards and success with my boys. I also know how ready and how much I wish to join and create new family life with my lovely man and his family now.  

And finally how little reference there really is to dance. Dance always takes a back seat over the summer but it has changed. Dance used to drive my very creative being and it doesn’t anymore. I have been dancing this morning as I am dancing tomorrow. But I know in my heart of hearts it is not the same. I will dance for now as I still like doing it and I like the  people. I also need the exercise . But all that drive and passion has gone. Perhaps this is okay I can just dance whatever and do other stuff we shall see.

Oh well in great scheme of things I had better just shimmy on! 

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