New Year, resolutions and ramblings

Happy New year 2013!

Out with the old and in with the new!

Actually it was in with the old as Midnight was spent drinking large vodkas rolling around with old friends singing and dancing to the old songs. I do love a nice microphone and this year was no exception with a half full becks bottle for me to sing into. Shame that when my friend V attempted to hit those top notes she poured beer all over us. We were never destined for glamour.

I have decided to write a blog. For years folk have been telling my words of wisdom or mad mutterings should be shared with others so here we are. As an artist and mother it is time I shared my creative mutterings with you all.  I like reading other people’s blogs but not sure if I shall manage to be articulate, educated, highbrow or indeed entertaining. I think it might be my place to have thought making textual typing tantrums.

New Year is a funny thing and I have been known to make plans and resolutions. This included stopping smoking one year. I hate not smoking but as I was feeling like the village leper and my skin was beginning to look lined and old I stopped. I love smoking and am a complete nicotine head but it is a relief to not have to think about fags. Folk who continue to smoke are always so insistent on telling me they smoke socially and can give up anytime. You know what if you want to smoke Smoke! As for me I shall start again when I am in my eighties. I might take up drug taking again then too.

One thing I do not do in January is diet nor do I give drinking alcohol. I really do not feel I can bear having another January full of the self-righteous on diets “Oh no chocolate for me I have given it up for lent” “just soda water for me I am detoxing”. We do not need to be told you are more worthy than I as you have lost weight or indeed your body is a temple.   I shall keep drinking wine and dancing.  It is the only way to cope with darkest gloomy January. If I can’t smoke then wine and dancing always keep me sane.

My resolution this year is to appreciate what I have got and give up on chasing rainbows and spend less time fretting about not having any money. This lasted four days. I have already seen folk this week who wound me up to high heaven and a sneaky look at the finances today made me shudder.  So more grumbling moaning and ranting about other’s actions in the two faced way I always have and fretting about bills in 2013. Best go reach for more wine and dance a bit more.

Anyway if you are stuck for resolutions try  this one :

–            Feel the fear and do it any way. If there is something you fancy doing do it! Please stop telling me all the reasons why you cannot do it.  Do not wait for tomorrow as it may be too late. Get on and  plan and have a go

So here is hoping 2013 lives up to all our hopes and expectations Bye for now

 Anah x